I am an Advocating Creator.

According to PersonalDNA, these are my traits:


  • Your imagination, confidence, willingness to explore, and appreciation of beauty make you a CREATOR.
  • You are independent, and you enjoy your self-sufficiency.
  • Defying convention, you are very innovative, and you have a vivid imagination.
  • The look of things is important to you, and you have a keen eye for aesthetic beauty in multiple arenas.
  • You have a strong interest in what is new and exciting—and that includes forging ahead with new ideas, not simply discovering what is already out there.
  • Your eagerness to seek new and varied experiences leads you into many different situations.
  • You’re not set on one way of doing things, and you are creative when it comes to finding novel solutions to complex problems.
  • You trust yourself to be innovative and resourceful.
  • Your confidence allows you to take your general awareness and channel it into creativity.
  • You’re not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you’re generally considerate of others’ feelings as well.



  • Being social, empathic, and understanding makes you ADVOCATING.
  • Some people find being around others exhausting—but not you! You are energized by spending time with friends, and you are good at meeting new people.
  • One of the reasons you enjoy conversation as much as you do is that you often learn about yourself while talking things out with a friend; you realize things about your own beliefs while discussing them with others.
  • You have insight into what others are thinking and feeling. This ability allows you to be happy for others, and to commiserate when something has gone wrong for them.
  • You are highly compassionate, and being conscious of how things affect those close to you leaves you cautious about trusting others too hastily.
  • Despite these reservations, you are open-minded when it comes to your worldview; you don’t look to impose your ways on others.
  • Your sensitivity towards others’ plights contributes to an understanding—both intellectual and emotional—of many different perspectives.
  • As someone who understands the complexities of the world around you, you are reluctant to pass judgments.

I would say this is mostly accurate. What are your results?


That awkward moment when…

…someone asks a military brat where they’re from. Seriously. I never know how to respond to this question. I usually say something along the lines of “Welllllll….I’ve lived in Georgia the longest but I was born in Nebraska but then we moved to Washington State but I also lived in Hawai’i and Washington DC.” I think I consider Georgia to be “where I’m from”. As I said, I’ve lived here the longest. But I don’t feel like it really rings true with what my sense of “home” is. I miss DC. I miss being someplace with  lot of things to do and culture that isn’t represented by beer and all things fried food. Don’t get me wrong, I love the South. It’s a decent place, despite the trashiness displayed by some of its inhabitants mixed with the Bible thumping that I can never seem to escape. I just…want something more. I belong in a sanctuary of mountains and nature. So, needless to say, I am excited to be moving to Colorado in April/May. I will miss being close to my parents and brother but I think it’s time I use the wings I’ve finally grown this past year and be someplace I can find happiness and belonging. I’m not saying Colorado will necessarily be it but I have high hopes.
The place I dream of “settling” at is one with rolling land and animals speckled across fields. A barn just a ways from the cozy yet elegant house my husband and I have decided to live in and kids playing in the yard. A place that has beautiful Autumns and luxurious Summers. A place I feel my heart beating through. I want to be able to have my own gardens and grow my own food and ride my own horses on my own property. Some day…

I think I’m just going to start responding to the question of where I’m from with “America.”


The Empress